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MARCH 15, 2022   

     A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Gassville, Arkansas was held on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at the Gassville Community Center.  Mayor Braim led those in attendance in saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, and he offered a word of prayer.  The meeting was then called to order at 6:00 PM by Mayor Jeff Braim, Presiding Officer. 

     Upon the calling of the roll, those in attendance were Council Member Ernest Adkins, Council Member Tim McFarland, Council Member Anita Seaman, Council Member Naomi Lassen, Council Member Kenneth Smith, Mayor Jeff Braim, and Recorder-Treasurer Jeff Lewis.  Council Member Ralph Bird was absent.  Department Heads in attendance were Police Chief Tim Mayfield, Fire Chief Michael Glotzl, and Water and Street Superintendent Michael Dewey.

     The minutes from the February 15, 2022 regular meeting had been provided to each Council Member.  Council Member Adkins moved to approve the minutes as presented.  This motion was seconded by Council Member Seaman. There were no additions or corrections asked for, whereupon the Mayor called for the vote.  Council Members Adkins, McFarland, Seaman, Lassen, and Smith voted for the motion.  There were no nays, and the motion was declared to be passed.

     The financial report for the month of February, 2022 was presented to the City Council.  Mayor Braim stated that the transfer of street sales tax from the General Fund to the Street Fund was done on paper but was not done by the bank during February.  That transfer has now been completed, but the correct General Fund balance as of 02/28/2022 on the financial report should be $488,415.31 and that a transfer of $18,278.11 into the Street Fund should be shown.  He also noted that the new equipment savings account for the police department has been opened at the bank with a beginning balance of $500.00, but that the remainder of the $2,500.00 that the City Council approved will be transferred to that savings account in March.  The bank note for the Chevrolet Tahoe police vehicles was also paid off.  Council Member Lassen moved to approve the financial report with those changes noted.  The motion was seconded by Council Member Seaman.  There were no other changes asked for, whereupon the vote was called for.  Council Members Adkins, McFarland, Seaman, Lassen, and Smith voted for the motion.  There were no nays, and the motion was declared to be carried.

    Police Chief Mayfield gave the police department report for the month of February, 2022.  It was accepted into the record without objection.  Council Member Seaman stated she had been contacted by a citizen residing in her ward about a noise or nuisance complaint on Walnut Street.  The lady complaining alleges that a neighbor of hers on the same street plays loud music and that there are lots of other automobile-type noises late at night that violates the city's noise ordinance.  She also alleged that there is a bounty of traffic coming and going from that residence.  This was said to be an "ongoing" issue.  Mayor Braim stated that the police department has responded to that complaint many times but has not found any violations, nor have any other persons living on Walnut Street made any of the same type of complaints.  The police department will continue to monitor the situation and will respond to investigate any further complaints that may be made. 

     Fire Chief Glotzl gave the fire department report for the month of February, 2022. It was accepted into the record without objection.  The Mayor announced that the newly created part time position in the fire department has been filled.  The city hired Mr. John Miller for the position.  Chief Glotzl stated that there had been a joint auto-aid group meeting between the Gassville FD, Cotter FD, and the Cotter-Gassville Rural FD.  The group broached the idea of implementing a voluntary "KnoxBox" program available to businesses and residences.  A KnoxBox is an armored box secured to or near a building that would hold spare keys, door/gate codes, and etc. that emergency responders could access to obtain entry to the premises in emergency situations without breaking down doors or causing other damage to the building.  The Public Safety Committee will meet on March 30th at 10 AM to discuss the proposal, followed by a demonstration from the vendor at 12:00 NOON.

     Mayor Braim gave the building inspection report for the period of February 7th through March 6th.  It was accepted into the record without objection.

     Council Member Seaman gave a presentation from the Cotter-Gassville Joint Sewer Commission, which had met on March 10th.  All operations are normal at the Wastewater Treatment Facility.  Three persons have been interviewed for an open position with the line crew.  With regards to the Phase II rejuvenation project of the collection system along the White River walking trail at Cotter, it was stated that bored hole testing work for a new lift station has been done on the Hurst property with the engineer being present.  A survey crew is also doing some work.  The original cost estimate for this project in October, 2018 was $2,058,202.00.  That cost estimate has now increased to $3,242,012.40.  NAEC indicated that running power to the lift station would cost $30.00 per foot with the distance being approximately 7,000 feet.   These cost increases are being presented to USDA to see about the possibility of additional grant or loan funding for the project.  The project is expected to go to bid in July or August.  


     In other business, the Joint Commission heard a request to abandon a portion of the sewer line on the mobile home park property on Cotter Road, with the property owner taking up responsibility for maintaining that portion of the line.  Additionally it was reported that the new truck on order for the line crew still has not gone into production, with no time frame projected for production or delivery.

     Mayor Braim stated that the lift station for the sewer system expansion project in the Red Apple Acres area is now up and operational.  There have been ten hook-ups to the new system thus far in that subdivision.  Once the remaining hook-ups are completed the work crews will move on to clean-ups.  The Mayor has asked for new water rate and sewer rate studies to be conducted.

     There was no unfinished business on the agenda.

     Under new business, the City Council heard a presentation from Superintendent Dewey concerning both the purchase of a new backhoe and the acquisition of a used one to serve as a back-up.  Representatives from both CASE and CAT examined the city's current backhoe to work up an approximate trade-in value towards purchasing a new one.  That information has not yet been received back.  The City of Cotter has recently purchased a new backhoe.  Their old one, a 2004 CASE, is available for purchase from their vendor, Potter Equipment Company, for $21,700.00.  That piece of equipment is said to be in good working order and good condition, but replacement pads are needed.  The City Council was asked to consider approving the purchasing of that piece of equipment.  One-half of the cost would come from the Street Fund while the remaining half would come from the Water Fund.  After discussion on the issue, Council Member Smith moved to approve the purchase of the 2004 CASE backhoe from Potter Equipment Company and the purchase of new pads, and further that the following appropriations be made for allow for that purchase:

$11,250.00 appropriated from the Street Fund to Street Fund Expense Budget
Line Item #2324 - Equipment Purchase; and

$11,250.00 appropriated from the Water Fund to Water Fund Expense Budget
 Line Item #3230 - Equipment Purchase

     This motion was seconded by Council Member McFarland.  The Mayor called for discussion on the motion, then for the vote.  Council Members Adkins, McFarland, Seaman, Lassen, and Smith voted for the motion.  There were no nays, and the Mayor declared the motion carried.


     Mayor Braim then presented updates to the City Council on various issues, viz:

1.      Work has started on the new pavilion area at the city park.

2.     A letter was received from Mr. Brian Haas, CPA, indicating that he is working on the 2021 water and wastewater audit that is needed as part of the federal compliance audit that is being undertaken.  Mr. Haas announced a rate increase for his services going from $4,500.00 to $6,500.00 to do an audit.  There is currently only $6,000.00 that has been appropriated in the Water Fund budget for professional services.  Council Member Adkins moved to accept the audit proposal from Mr. Haas at his increased rate.  This motion was seconded by Council Member Lassen.  Mayor Braim called for discussion, then for the vote.  Council Members Adkins, McFarland, Seaman, Lassen, and Smith voted for the motion.  There were no nays, and the Mayor declared the motion carried.  Council Member Lassen then moved to appropriate an additional $500.00 from the Water Fund into Water Fund Expense Budget Line Item #3266 - Professional/Technical Services, to pay for the increased cost of the audit.  This motion was seconded by Council Member Adkins.  After discussion, the vote was called for.  Council Members Adkins, McFarland, Seaman, Lassen, and Smith voted for the motion.  There were no nays, and the Mayor declared the motion to be carried.

3.     The "Trails Grant" for Lancaster Park has been received.  The Mayor met with the engineer and grants administrator yesterday.

4.     The Gassville In The Park Committee met and voted to go ahead and hold the festival this year, although in a scaled-back version.  The festival will be held on Saturday, June 4th.

5.     The Arkansas Municipal League Winter Conference is being held March 25th through March 28th.

6.     Mayor Braim stated he is receiving calls from people wanting to know what the city regulations are concerning the keeping of chickens.  He wondered if the City Council might want to consider an ordinance to prescribe what those regulations would be.  No action was taken.

7.     Finally, the Mayor read an appreciation of service award that is going to be presented to long time city employee Tony Flippin, who retired March 1st after 43 year of services to the City of Gassville. 




     There was no further business to come before the City Council at this time, whereupon Council Member Seaman moved to adjourn, seconded by Council Member McFarland, with all members voting in favor.  The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.



Submitted by:       /s/ Jeffrey Lewis


Approved by:          /s/ Jeff Braim